The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Dear Richelle,

You're killing me softly, you know that?!
How on earth am I supposed to wait till June (JUNE)!
Let me say it again JUNE! JUNE! JUNE!
But way?
That was cruel I must say.

Yours Sincerely.

First chapter is here!!


UPDATE June 15th - why did I read this book so fast? *sniff*

Okay, we can be honest here and say that Bloodlines got 5 stars just because I couldn't wait for it to come and because I missed Richelle's writing. It wasn't as good as Vampire Academy and this book still can be better. But in the meantime I stopped comparing those two series. This one will get 5 stars from me as well, simply it was better than Bloodlines and well after all it's Richelle Mead and how my friend here says she is Queen of this genre. Yes, I agree.

This book was great because of character development. Because let's face it Adrian is well Adrian. Even though I'm still team Dimitri, getting to know Adrian better here was refreshing. Somehow in process he gets under your skin. He is not perfect, we all know, that but all those weakness makes him what he really is. When it comes to the him and Dimka, well you'll see a lot of Dimitri here but either way he is that old bad-ass Dimka who we know and love. Richelle again did great job, she didn't put Dimka in center of the story, but he used his character to show how Adrian changes. On the other side we have Sydney. She is also that good old Sydney but her point of views will be shaken here. It's hard to change the views you grow up with but she is still human and we all know humans change. What really makes this book great and appealing is relationship between Sydney and Adrian. It's lovely to see them grow closer. That what happen at the end made me scream. It's realistic and you could see that coming but still one part of you can't wait to see what happens next.
This series is different from Vampire Academy. It's slower and there is not as much action as there (maybe because Rose is not in this series *joking*). This book is readable and easy to enjoy in.

Therefore I want to scream and yell and do I don't know what right now. But waiting another year (I haven't checked but I guess we'll have to wait that long for third book to come out) is more than painful, it's cruel. But I guess all of you who waited for VA to come out are used to this. Not me, not yet!