Callum & Harper - Fisher Amelie You can find this review at Ja čitam, a ti?

This book got me on the first page I believe. I melted after first few pages. That occures rarely but every time it does I love it. Let me say that this book and story itself are far from perfect but I admire those authors that make me feel the book and cry like a little baby.

Callum and Harper share almost the same past. They are both homeless and without anyone in this world and they’re also eighteen so that means that they need to take care of themselves. They suddenly meet while sitting inside Social Service and it seems like destiny wanted them to meet. Up until yesterday those two perfect strangers became somethingthey could only dream about, best friends as it seems. Only they’re uncetain how to share their feelings and their past is chasing them so they must maintain togehter but question is how when ther is so much to say and to understand. I know it sound like some romantic movie but like I said it’s so sweet that I couldn’t resist it.

I admit there is too much drama and too much misunderstandings for one book. At come point I just wanted it to be over and luckily it was. The author of this book definitely has a talent for creating sweet and heartbreaking love stories and for creating relations between charactes and defintely for putting dramatic parts (only some limits have to be set). This book is really readable and I wasn’t able to stop until the end.

I must say that I really look forward to reading other books from this author.