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First I want to warm you that there will be spoilers if you haven't read Divergent! So trust me and don't read this review. When we're up to this may I ask...WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

I really don't know how Veronica manage to do this, but anyway she’s doing it right. Thank you really for writing these books, I'll always appreciate it.

For me second book in series is always tricky one, especially after Divergent. Luckly Veronica wrote great book again. Maybe is not as good as Divergent, but still I love it. Maybe Hunger Games is more “realistic“ but again we don’t know what have happened to the world as we know it. That’s what I really like here, all that mystery. Now back to the story.

This book is different form Divergent, by that I mostly mean characters are different. Now after everthing, Tris is different. She wants to do more and I understand that. After all the sacrifices her parents made she knows that she must do something to help. It’s huge prasure on her back so maybe her actions were extreme in some parts of the book, but without doing so she would never realize how stupid that was. I dunno if it’s just me, but Four is also different. I had some strange feeling like he is not that sweet Four who would do anything for Tris. Maybe he is like Tris, he wants to do more and he doesn’t know his limits. I could keep guessing as much as I want but the fact is that I have to wait until next book in series. While I’m talking about changes I must add that after Divergent, my faction was Amity, but after Insurgent I’m not so sure. As much as I’m for peace I really couldn’t sit down and watch everything what’s going on. So yes like majority of people I’m Divergent.

I really hope that you’re not like me, that you’ll actually read this book slowly and take your time. You wonder why? Well, this book is full of action, there is always something going on and you need to pay attention because you’ll probably need those details letter in series. But I’m not like that and I couldn’t stop reading this book. Which is not bad as it means that I’ll probably read it again before next book in series.

Another thing changed. My opinion about covers. When I first saw them I liked UK covers more. But after reading Divergent and now Insurgent I understand the meaning of these covers. Now I just wonder how the cover for the next book will look like.