Silent Song - Ron C. Nieto You can win paperback or ebook copy at Ja čitam, a ti?

At the beginning this book took me by surprise. I started reading it and got confused. I thought is this paranormal? But then when Alice came and heard music it was really interesting way to start the story. Then as the story goes on we meet the characters and the whole story.

Here we have main character Alice. She is popular, good looking girl and she has her perfect circle of friends. Being schoolgirl she spends her days at boring classes and hanging out with her friends at lunch time. But there is one thing that keeps their attention - plays that they do at school. This year the play they'd work on was Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde. At that point the new member joins to their group. It's Keith. Boy with huge talent for music, especially guitar playing. Now Alice doesn't have to sneak around to hear his music. Spending more time together their friendship from childhood starts to wake. Maybe that's not only friendship anymore, maybe now it's something bigger. But soon strange things start to happen, things that they don't understand but have to deal with.

This book was an interesting read. I was surprised when certain things started to happen.