Bayou Myth - Mary Ann Loesch
It's actually 3.5 stars

Considering how many paranormal books I read it’s strange that I haven’t read a lot of books about witches. This is one of those rare voodoo books.

Main character Joan, or how her parents call her Baby Girl is high school girl who has some powers. She sees ghosts and deals with voodoo magic. She is still young and in process of learning so sometimes is difficult to deal with all paranormal things around her. Through this book she grows up and learns how to become better at what she's doing. The person who will help her the most is her best friend Dave. Although relation between them could become more than just best friends relationship. Oh another person who will help her is her deceased grandmother Marie. She is the ghost now and only person who can see her is Joan.
If you're lover of voodoo stories with maybe a dose of horror then this book will be interesting for you. You'll enjoy in all different voodoo stories and all relations between characters. For me this book was really fun and fast read. Although Joan is too young for this story if you ask me. Someone more mature would be much better.

All in all this is one readable and funny book. If you have time check it out