Shattered Souls - Mary Lindsey I'm just sitting here, after reading this book and thinking how to rate it. No clue! Well we'll settle it on 4 stars.
I guess some of you won't like this book. It's so typical, even though the plot is maybe different. For me it was, as I'm not used to ghost stories. Yes I've read few, but not so much. I couldn't help myself cause this book got me from the very beginning. Linzi was funny at the beginning and that got my attention. The whole story about voices and ghost and her purpose was good. Not so innovative but interesting. Only story about Speakers and Protector, well that was new. When you add reincarnation to all that it's really an interesting mix. Plus that danger coming to them made this book really intriguing.
This book is really readable and I've read it one sitting. It won't blow your mind but it'll keep you busy for some time. Hopefully!
For the book two..huh we'll see about that. This story is completed for me.