Lichgates (The Grimoire Saga, #1) - S.M. Boyce edit: You can also find my review here

I started reading this book slowly, so I could enjoy in it longer. But today I started reading it and I totally lost myself in it. Before I could stop myself I finished this book and 3 hours just passed like that. I feel like I woke up from a dream.

At the beginning of the book it reminded me of Narnia and then I thought it has some connections with The Lord of the Rigs, and also I could see some stuff I saw in books for kids or somewhere when I was little. At some point I stopped thinking about that and then I realized that this book has it own story. Everything fits in its place.

Here you'll find some new species like Isen, yakona and the Blood, but your attention will be on two people (well technically one of them is Blood) Kara and Braeden. So basically this book has three main things that I like in books: fantasy, magic and romance. But not that romance that they're dying for each other and that they can't live without each other and bla bla bla. Here you'll be fascinated with Ourea and its Kingdoms.

I really hope that one day this book is going to be published and translated so I could read this to my kids before they go to sleep, I’m sure they’ll have sweet dreams. Now I can’t wait for the second book. Just tell me if there is a line where I can wait to be sure to get it.