Graceling - Kristin Cashore This book literally has it's ups and downs. Some parts of the book are so boring that I just wanted to skip them, but I didn't, while others are really interesting. I won't say much as other girls are still reading this, but let's say that the second half of the book is way much better than the first half.
I expected a lot more of this book, cause I've heard only great things about it. Basically the story is not bad itself but those 400 and something pages are maybe too much.
Few things I just don't like. First is the writing. Uh it gave me headaches sometimes cause I see intention to sound archaic but the result is not the best. Other is relationship between main characters, it's just, dunno how to explain. But at some point in the middle of the book I couldn't understand it. Later it gets better, but that later is at the end of the book.
Needless to say I don't know if I'll read the next book as this story, for me, has perfect ending.