Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5) - Rebecca  Hamilton Few months ago I've had a chance to read The Forever Girl, first book in this series. In the meantime I learned how the whole structure of this series would look like. There will be three books that will talk about Sophia and also three novels that will talk about some characters in the whole trilogy. Now this is the first novel and it's about Ophelia.

Storyline. For those of you who had read The Forever Girl you should remember Ophelia from the end of the book. There was short story about her. (don't want to put spoilers because of those who haven't read the book jet). Here we meet Ophelia and actually witness the whole story. Ophelia lived normal life as a maid until one day when mark appeared on her neck causing her pain. Soon after that she was kidnapped by mysterious man called Ethan. He was sent to help her complete her task. She has to join dark, spernatural world and protect someone from the future. Her past is also chasing her and she must decide what she is going to do.

Characters. Ophelia is really interesting character. She is not too strong nor too weak. You can easily relate with her and her doubts are something that most of us would have. Ethan is at the other hand really mysterious and even though the author doesn't give you the detail description you can imagine his tall and strong body in dark cloths, and his dark hair on his shoulders and his dark eyes. Maybe my imagination is talking through me, but that's how I imagine him. Now you say that you aren't interested! Like you would. There is one also interesting character but I won't talk about that cause, like I've already said, I don't want to put spoilers in this review.

Love-story. This is something that in opinion happened to quickly. But then again this is a novel so I guess the author couldn't develop more. I'm not saying that the love story isn't nice but I wish it had been a little bit longer. Everything beside that was great.

Conclusion. At the end I must say that now I understand this idea about writing novels in between the books and I really like it. This novel helped me to remember The Forever Girl and also gave me better idea about Ophelia and also Sophia's task. The author also reminded us of elements and the whole story behind that. Now I'm really looking forward reading Come, the Dark. I got the feeling that this is not all about Ophelia and that we're going to see her in the books to come.

I was thinking about giving it four stars because the love story could have been deeper, but considering that this is a novel and that the love story isn't in focus in this book I changed my mind.