Whisper of Light - Jennifer DeLucy After that little disappointment in the first book I thought the same thing would happen with this one. But then something unexpected happened.
Being confused at the beginning (yet again I haven't read the blurb) I started to realize what this book was about. This story happened (mainly, only the end didn't) at the same time as first book only here the main plot was about another group. First thing that got me was narrator, Nick was so great storyteller. I really enjoyed reading this story form her point of view. Second thing was Christian. In the Seers of Light he wasn't my favourite character, I neither liked or hated him, but here he was such a great character.
About the story (I'm sorry for not telling you more but I don't want to post spoilers so I can't say much), after certain things happened in first book Christian decided to say away from his society for sometime and he moved to another group where he was doing same job but with different people. Being broken he wanted to stay away from some people, but he couldn't imagine that there his views and life would be changed.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Now I'm happy that I haven't gave up and continued reading this story. 5 stars for this book.