Seers of Light - Jennifer DeLucy I saw many reviews for this series on GoodReads and those books seemed interesting so I was happy when I saw that AToMR was hosting this blog tour. I couldn't wait for the date to get closer just to read them.
I was surprised with this, first book in series. I just couldn't enjoy it. I mean the story was interesting and the whole point in those spirits and everything was really interesting, plus I like Ghost Whisper TV show so I could imagine this story. The thing I had problem with was mainly Lily. Sometimes I liked her but other times I wanted to scream in frustration. No she wasn't annoying but some things pissed me off. Other thing that bothered me - some parts of this story were so predictable.
Basically same old story in this book. Lily the regular girl, only she is a bit older - not a teen, one days she discovers something she though that shouldn't exist and then her would turn upside down. Soon she discovers some secrets of universe and her place in it. In the meantime she met new people who helped her to adjust the new environment.
Like I said I still liked the story but only I wasn't so thrilled like I thought I'd be. So for this book rating is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. But more 3 than 4.