Arson - Estevan Vega Review also at Ja čitam, a ti?

From the book summary you can guess that this is not typical paranormal book, with typical story and typical characters. You're right about that. Arson is very different character who grows up in unusual environment. When Emery, girl who is also unusual, showed up in his life you see that even though they are maybe different (but then again how can you say that someone is different, what is norm for being "normal") by some standards they are still teenagers, who deal with problems and growing up in process.

I personally have been able to divide things in this books to those that I like and I don't like. That's how my review will look like.

What I didn't like....It took me a lot of time to get into this book. The writing is unusual and maybe not the best for me. It has its advantages but I needed a lot of time to get used to it. I couldn't enjoy the story. Maybe this book was too dark for my taste, but then again this is horror and I knew that, so we can remove that one. Last thing is that after reading more than half of the book I finally got some real action. That took time.

What I liked...This story is wrote from different POVs and that made me so happy. You're jumping from one POV to another and that's how you met characters. That's probably the thing that kept me reading this book. After reading like 100 pages I just wanted to know the whole story about Arson and then when I got to the point that I'd maybe discover something - new POV came and I continued reading. Now I'm happy because of that. Speaking of the whole picture of this story I like that most of it is told in dialogues, not as usual in long narrative parts. This way is more dynamic. I also like the characters! They were probably the best part of this book. And then last 60 pages. They were just bum! It came out of nowhere! I was like this
until the end of the book. The best part of whole story. Plenty of action and everything I missed in the first part of the book.