Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover What Glass thought about it...

I am going to be most wanted on the hate list of all fangirls out there because of what I'm about to write.

Point of Retreat was completely unnecessary book.

I believe that it would be better if Colleen Hoover left Will's and Lake's story as it was in Slammed. This was just using success she had with her first novel. Of course that everyone who read Slammed will want to see what's going to happen in Point of Retreat. (If I read once more This was butterflying amazing!, I will burn something down.)

Will's POV would be a big no - it was unrealistic. That is not male's brain. Dear authors, do not, I repeat, do not write from opposed sex point of view if you are not absolutely sure that you can get in their heads. Don't do this if you first haven't done your research - read the books, talk with people until you bore them to death, find pshychologists, social workers, teachers, parents, grandparents and the most important thing: men.

Point of Retreat is, to put it simple, story about sex (not having sex, actually), car accidents and teen-wannbe-adults. As I wrote for the first book, this is see life through big pink glasses type of story with every drama you can imagine mixed with it. Their lives are falling apart but all is peachy in the peachyland. Plot has too many loose ends and somethimes I thought that author forgot how she "made" her characters in the first book. This is not Will from Slammed! Or Edddie! One moment they all are acting like immature idiots and in the other they are all serious And the ending?! Just to make something clear - they are nineteen!!!

But to be honest with you, I found Point of Retreat really cute and mindless read. It's perfect when you need something to escape real life: its cruelty, grayness, unfairness, disapoointments, when you need something that'll give you that fake sense of hope. My review would be all rainbows and flowers and ohs and ahs if I had read this book just a year ago, but I guess that I crushed my big pink glasses a long time ago.

What Tanja thought about it...

Me and Glass have closer views of this book than we had on the first one. Slammed was something that I didn't expect. Not the story itself but my reaction on the story. Point of Retreat wasn't that much. I mean the story was still good and it still had emotions, but it was not it. I must admit one thing Colleen really knows how to write a story with feelings and that's an amazing thing, cause that's what I mostly miss in the books. The problem here is that I expected much more, because of the Slammed.

I won't repeat this about Will's POV and story been focused on sex cause I totally agree! I have one more thing that I couldn't help noticing - Slammed was so easy and quick to read, something always happened, but here I was waiting almost half of the book to get there. I got the feeling like the first story was created in the author's mind for years and Point of Retread in months. I missed slams and lyrics of The Avett Brothers at the beginning of every chapter.

This will maybe sound cruel but without Kiersten and Sherry this book would be total disappointment! They bough so much joy in this book! Not only because of butterfly thing, but also they was something new and funny.

I'll say that I still have my pink glasses and wear them from time to time. In this case I'll put them on, cause if I compared this book with the first one I'd give it three stars but then again if I compared it with another books on my four stars list it will for sure go there.

*NOTE: Copy of this book ia kindly provided by publisher, Simon & Schuster, via NetGalley. We're not paid for writing this review - we do it as lovers of written word. All opinions in this book are personal.

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