Saving June - Hannah Harrington Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

You may already know that I'm huge book lover, but you also may or may not know that I'm rock music lover so when you put those things together in a book there is no friggin way for me not to adore it. So you already know I adore this book.
After her sister died Harper is struggling. She has no idea why her sister did that to herself. Not only her sister is gone but her family as well. Trying to struggle with growing up and discovering the truth, she is also determinate to do one last thing for her sister. Even after Jake is joining her and Laney to something that turned out to be road trip she still needs to find herself. Traveling cross country she discovers herself and the world around her. This book is not only the book about Harper finding the truth. This is book about growing up and also this book is full of honesty. Characters are strong and alive so you can easily join them. Not to mention that Jake has awesome taste in music which automatically puts him high on my fictional boys crush list. Or to use Glass' words into my harem.
I always complain how I couldn't "feel" some books but there are also some that you not only feel you live through them. This is one of those. So as you can already guess huge 5 starts for this book.

One last thing. Jake said that once he'd play this song but he didn't. This might not be my promise to keep, but somehow I feel like I should. Without further ado enjoy
Tears in Heaven