Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts Review and giveaway at Ja čitam, a ti?

This is one of those books that I'm happy that I haven't read a blurb. I had no idea about whole coma story and I was really surprised when I figured it out. I believe those who know first part of the book could've been boring. But let's start from the beginning.

Heather is a girl living in the small town and after a lot of bad things that have happened to her she wants to escape and start all over. Only person worth remembering is her friend Creed and well her employee Grandma V. She moves to bigger city and starts college. She has her apartment, job, finds new friends and among them is mysterious guy called Nick. As you start enjoying the story you find out that those are actually her memories and that she is in coma. Suddenly you start reading faster than you can just to see what on earth happened. You're confused cause you don't know what is real and what is her imagination.

I've read other reviews and talked to some bloggers and few of them said that they were confused with the point of view. Cause while you're read the book you mostly read about Heather's memories, but from time to time the doctor jumps in with some question (FYI, she is telling the doctor her memories). For me sometimes I was confused as well. Another time I was happy for that switch, cause Heather's story at some point became little bit boring. Too much details and sometimes repeating for my taste.

Then after you're so close to the ending of the to put it you survive one shock, at least I did. When I figured what and how everything happened. For those people who don't like unfinished ends this end could be a problem. Until you find out that there will be a sequel!

Speaking of which I can't wait to read it, cause I really, really, really wanna know what will happen. But really, you know REALLY! Uh, this is killing me!

All in all...solid 4 stars for this book.