Hope's Journey - Stephanie Connelley Worlton First of I want to apologize for not reading this book earlier. I got this book a while ago and I was waiting this whole time to read it. At the other hand that's a good thing as I'm reading contemporary books these days.

This is one of those situations when I hate the blurb. I wasn't planing on reading it but it was at the beginning of the book so I read it. What do I hate it? Because it reveals too much. I wish some things are left secret like pregnancy. The book is mostly what you see in the blurb, there is a boy and the girl, for some reasons (I'll talk about it later) they do something "stupid" and now they have to deal with. Only thing you're curious is the end. Even though I would change some things here, like repeating some things over and over again I find this book something that teens should read. Hopefully they'll learn some things on time.

Why I say so? Well I couldn't relate with any of the characters here (maybe if I was seventeen I would, but I highly doubt). I asume that there are the teens that think this way. We live in the time where values aren't set right, so some would do anything to keep someone not realizing that they give everything and another person nothing. Yes I'm talking about sex. Here Syd has done that, she slept with his boyfriend thinking this is right thing to do and without using protection. That's why she has to strugle with the pregnancy.

I don't judge teens here, just so you know, I judge society. Regardless on that, the thing that confused me the most here are the parents. I mean I do understand that focus of this book are teens themselves and their friends but those few times when parents appeared I was lost. Maybe I was raised differently but I couldn't understand how parents let all this slide, mostly. Sure my Ma would do everything to help me but she would also have few thing to tell me. For sure nothing would change but still...

All in all I'm not fascionated with the book or writing, but I also believe this book could help some if they found themselves in this situation.