Fateful - Claudia Gray Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

At first I though I wouldn’t like this book cause I was not fan of books that were based on something as popular as Titanic. It was just I preferred when someone created something new. I was wrong, mostly.

You’ve all seen Titanic so yeah you know the story. There is a boy and there is a girl and they fall in love. In this case he is rich and noble and she is just a maid. That’s good enough reason for two of them to apart but it’s not so strict considering that the roles are vice versa. When a rich man falls in love with poor woman then it’s not as shocking as in original story. Now we come to the part that blow me away. I read the blurb and crature is not mentioned so we’ll call it they from now on. So they are something unnaturan and dangerous and author managed to perfectly fit them into the story. Good thing is you have picture of Titanic and everything seems possible. That’s the part I really admire, cause it’s not easy thing to do.

Partly I wonted to dislike this book so that I can write bad review about using popular things. But the truth is I couldn’t. Even though this was instalove which makes me roll my eyes all over again still I could feel it. Good thing is also that in the end this book could’ve finished differentely and it’d be also very good ending. Maybe I’d love this book more if the end was opposite but I like it this way too.

I cannot tell you a lot about the stroy cause I don’t want to spoil things for you, but all in all this was an interesting read and I enjoyed.