Incarnate - Jodi Meadows Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

This is one of those books that have been forever on my to-read list but somehow other books were always priority. I'm happy that I finally managed to find some space for this book. It'll be hard to say anything that haven't been said before, but let's try.

From the start this book has something that make you interested. I have read few books that have reincarnation as one part of the story, but a world in which all souls are reincarnated all over again, no. So hands down for uniqueness. The whole process of getting into the story is also one good aspect of this. The building of the story is created that way that you have feeling like the world becoming bigger. World grows in Ana's eyes and so the your knowledge of this book does. Beside reincarnation the author managed to put dragons and some other interesting creatures in this story and it all fits nicely. So respect for originality.

Now the part I had problems with. Well not problems, let's say they lack to impress. It's mostly all that has to do with feelings. This book has everything necessary when it comes to the imagination and magic, but when it comes to the love story it lacks emotions. It was all nicely expressed with words but those words didn't have emotions. All other emotions were there - fear, uncertainty, suspicion, and so on. Those parts of the story when Ana was afraid were much more intense and stronger than those where she discovered her emotions and love.

I thought about mentioning pacing as a problem. But I realized that pacing was good as mostly in dystopian novels the beginning is slower. That's not the problem when you can feel the book. All in all this book is imaginative and magical but I'd work on characters more. Who knows, maybe in the Asunder I'll discover new Ana.