Winter Omens - Trisha Leigh Review also at Ja čitam, a ti?

Winter Omens continues where Whispers in Autumn stopped. After all those complications Althea is left alone to figure things out. She has to find the way to survive in one place she always run away from - wilds.

But soon enough she meets someone new. His name is Pax and he is just like her. He doesn't fit in those two types of people. He is not an Other but he is also not like everybody else. Together they have to find a way to discover what lays behind. They travel and discover the world how it used to be, before Others came and took control. But are their golds the same and how would they sort their priorities is another thing.

I really like this book, more than Whispers in Autumn. This relationship between Pax and Althea was more dynamic and more interesting to follow. Her relationship with Lucas was sweet and nice, but slow and at some point boring. Pax is different therefore the relationship is too.

To rate this one was hard. It's actually 4.5 stars.

Regardless on the ratings I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and somehow I believe that it'll blow my mind. We'll see in December.