Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review also posted @ Ja čitam, a ti?

It's not a secret that I'm big fan of Jennifer Armentrout. I really, really like her books, especially Covenant series. So I was so excited to read this one.

Few weeks ago I saw a competition on Jennifer's blog and the task was to answer the question about how would I find a way to touch someone I loved if my touch killed? So I guessed that has something to do with this story and I was thrilled to see what. The book really was about it. Here we have Ember the girl who dyed and came back to life after her sister used her gift. But her sister didn't only bring her back but also gave her a gift or a curse how would Ember say it. Since that accident her life turned upside down. She was no longer the same, therefore her friends abandoned her, but her mother as well. She had to struggle and take care of her sister all by herself. Until once her gift killed another person. Soon her family is taken away and they were joined with some other gifted people. Only difference is that Ember didn't fit in. She wasn't born special and she couldn't control her power. But there is one person will to help but to do so she has to trust him. Not an easy task when you doubt his family.

Cursed was an interesting and fast read. I enjoyed some part of it, but I couldn't feel the same things I felt while reading Covenant and Lux series. I wasn't a wreck after reading it as I usually would be. There wasn't that big mystery about bad guy and some parts were predictable. Still I like this story and I'd recommend it to all of you, but I know that Jennifer can do, and she actually have done much better than this. BTW, I saw some reviews where people said about continuing this and making a series. I wouldn't go there cause this book is good as it is, there is no need to push it further.