ReVamped - Ada Adams Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

How you ever read a book about clumsy vampires? I know it's hard to imagine, but you'll find them here. That's the part of the book that makes it really funny. But let me tell you more about the story.

Dawn is a daughter of the Vampire President. Yes, it's not mistake. In future people discovered about vampires and to maintain together they created certain rules. But that's not the main point of the story. So we have Dawn who grow up in a palace and she spent almost all her life in training so that one day she could go on the missions and help other vampires and people to live together. Her first mission will include peaceful little town called Angel Creek. Although it seemed like simple task, it turns out that things aren't so simple. On her mission she will meet vampires in that little town. That is where funny part starts. Trust me you've never seen vampires like them before. She needs to re-awake (not literally) them and show them how to be a vampire. Being new in town she will also draw attention of the boys. She will meet Ethan, he is cute human who will show some unusual characteristics and Sebastian, hot bad-ass vampire. Her mission will become more and more complicated when she discovers that some odd things happening around.

You may already assume some things. They are predictable. That's the part of the book that I don't like. Some descriptions could have been better. But still maybe main plot seems easy, but this book will also surprise you in some parts. Book is really short and funny. So if you have time you should check it out.

*NOTE: Copy of this book is provided by author Ada Adams. Thank you.
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