On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I always make jokes about my mother and her worshiping of Nora Roberts. All her books seemed so silly and predictable to me. But look at me now, giving five starts to this book, which is predictable and at some parts silly. I can always blame it on bloodline or genetic or something, right?

You probably aren't used to me reading the adult novels, you expect that from Glass (I blame her, btw *winks* ), but I have my days. This is one of them. First I'll tell you that if you like Easy, Thoughtless, Falling Under, Beautiful Disaster and others then this is the book for you.

As the title says we're in Dublin this time, Dublin Street to be exact. The story follows Jocely or Joss who moves to Dublin and searching for her apartment she meets one interesting guy in the cab. Trying to forget about him she finds a perfect apartment and a nice and silly roommate. She moves in and few days later in not so comfortable circumstances she meets her roommate's brother who is the cab guy. From that point you could see that somehow they'll end up together. That's the predictable part. Joss likes her relationship with Braden aka the cab guy, cause she doesn't get to attached with anyone. She already lost too much and going through the pain again is not an option. Only problem is when things start to complicate, not only with Braden, but with other people around her. She must break the walls she built years ago but how to find a courage to do so.

I'm really an easy reader or it's easy to please me. Just give me a book with emotions and interesting story and I'm yours. Samantha gave me that in this book. Now she has a new fan. I hope I'll get a chance to read her other books cause I'm curious.