Hidden - Sophie Jordan Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

One of the hardest things to do is to say goodbye to a book series. Sounds lame, especially when I complain so much about every book being turned into series but what can I do. The same feeling I had with this book.

Firelight was one of those books that blew my mind. It was so good and interesting that I was so happy when the author decided to make this series. After all that waiting (some things never change is our bookish world) finally I got Vanish and then well it was totally different story. After reading it I wondered why was this turned into the series. I was so disappointed and that left me with this book. Hidden was somewhere in between. I must admit all that story about drakis was something that got me really hard from the first book. That's maybe the reason why I love this series so much. I loved all of it and really wanted for this series to have a decent end. I got that.

Hidden continues after Miram has been caught and Jacinda together with Cassian and Will created a plan to free her. They create a plan where Jacinda will be turned in and after that Cassian will be able to find her and Miram as well. But as always not everything goes by the plan so they must find a way to get out of the trouble. Not only that but also when they finally get out the question is how would the tribe react when they see them. Besides all that Jacinda still has to decide what she really wants. She wants to find the truth about her father but also that means losing Will. She cannot have both.

I'm happy that this series has got an ending like this cause the story deserve it. This book was short and nice read. Maybe if draki weren't an old news I would give it five stars. This way I'll give it four stars and a nice goodbye!