Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Yeah bloggers around the world are posting reviews of Unravel Me and I've just now read Shatter Me. What can I tell you except that it took me too long to read this book.

Shatter Me was on my radar for a long time mostly cause it's dystopian. Recently I started liking dystopian books more and more. And when my friend Zemira told me that she'd kick my ass cause I haven't read this book it was my clue. Besides everyone has been talking about Warren cause Destroy Me was about to be published.

As I said Shatter Me is dystopian novel where world as we know it has disappeared. Seventeen-year-old Juliette has been imprisoned for three years. She was sent to the asylum by her parents cause of one incident. Well the thing is that her touch can kill. Being alone in there she spent her time writing. She didn't have company for more than 250 days. Up until one day a boy has been sent to her cell. His name is Adam and soon enough the things started to change. She is yet to discover her power and not only one person is interested in it. She must find a way to fight and decide where she wants to be.

You have probably notice that I haven't told you about Warren yet, well let's move on to Destroy Me and you'll find out more.

Review of Destroy Me