Fire - Terra Harmony Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Before I tell you anything about this book in particular here is a little notice. The first book in this series Water is free pretty much everywhere. So get your copy over at Smashwords or Amazon or some other site. You can find more info on Terra's website.

Now a lot of people asked me about this series cause they mostly like the covers. I do love them too, but in case you wanna know more about first two books you can always check my reviews of Water and Air or other reviews here.

So about this book. Fire continues where Air ended. We're in the middle of fight between the two strong forces and their power could do anything. In the middle of that is Kaitlyn, only thing is she is not only Gaia anymore not she is soon-to-be mother as well. She does something, you can say selfish, but truth to be told she is the only one who knows how it is to be in the middle of everything. Two sworn enemies are blind during the battle so they don't pay attention on her. Soon after they realize what happened they must find a way to fix everything. Only problem is that they don't trust each other but also cannot let their enemy from the sight. As always in the battle between until death there can only be one winner, but problem is what else they must destroy to end all this.

I've said it before I really do like this series. Water was something new for me and all this story about elements was really amazing to me. Air continued that way and Fire did too, only problem is that Fire maybe was few pages too long. At some parts Kaitlyn was beginning to over-thing everything. I do understand that but it started to be boring. But everything else in this book was really good. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.