Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout You can find this review (and many others) at Ja čitam, a ti?

I'm seriously going to start to worship every-singe-word this women writes. No kidding! After Covenant I though that there is no why that this series will be better. But go figure! I love both series in a different way.

First thing that I've noticed and liked was that the story continues where Obsidian stopped. That means, my friends, you have to read first book, no jumping around. I easily entered in the story and as always let myself go, never regretting it. Katy had to continue dealing with Daemon and their connection. Trying to figure out what he wants and his real intentions. Other people come in their lives and they have to deal with it. They have to figure out who is there to really help them and who is there to make their lives even more complicated. Discovering new things that will change her life and her views she changes and she can feel it.

I won't even start talking about feelings. I couldn't do anything but to enjoy in characters, seeing them in my mind and trying to relate to them. When I say characters I don't mean only Katy and Daemon (but of course you can't help yourself but to cheer for them and also drooling all over Daemon, but that's what he is) but also Dee, Andrew and others. This book is not all about Daemon and that's what makes it even more amazing (but hell you'll drool a lot! *wink* ).

EDIT: I almost forgot - Something on a line, it’s discord and rhyme—whatever, whatever, la la la - Some of you will understand, but some won't...but don't worry, you'll soon! (Oh yes, I'm so teasing you *wink*)

Also I want to thank my new friend here - Rimsa for borrowing me this arc before I could get my own copy.