Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout I usually don't rate this short stories but this one! I had to!

Merged review:

I was curious about this whole Daemon fever! Really, after hearing all that worshiping I had to read it. I really love Covenant series so I've guessed I might love this one. But not this much! Geez, I'm hooked!

I should start from the beginning, right? So after Shadows story follows second brother Deamon and Katy. Katy is new girl in town, besides that she has a blog that reviews books! Yes I know, cool girl (nice touch Jennifer) and she is also kick-butt girl. Her next door neighbors are twins Dee and Deamon. Dee is sweet girl, trying to live normal life and have a friends although that's kinda impossible and her brother Daemon, well I'll just quote it for you:
Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.
I usually don't fall for bad boys and all that, but let's just say he is more than interesting.

You're probably already guessing that they aren't "normal", yes they're aliens. Like Katy says in this book I also thought that aliens aren't my kind of thing but this type of aliens are my type indeed. How's Katy gonna handle being new girl in town, her arrogant neighbor and aliens and Arums (I won't tell you what they are) around her, well you have to read this book to find out.

My point here is that you need to read this. My another point is if Jennifer ever puts Aiden and Damon in the same book, I'll break myself into two halves. Oh yes I’m overreacting but seriously choosing between them is mission impossible.

I'll stop drooling here. Hey, don't blame me! Jennifer please continue writing these books, we need them and you'll always have at least one reader and that would be me.