The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

If there was absolutely my type of the story then it'd be this. Sweet and short romantic stories. It doesn't really matter that they're mostly predictable but the feeling while you reading it is beautiful.

For me this book is perfect for two things. One it's for summer cause you'll enjoy it and relax. Another thing this book is perfect for is actually plane. Yeah, it's really short and while you're flying somewhere over Atlantic or some other part of the world you can enjoy. By the way, you'll probably scan the other passengers to see if there is some sweet boy/girl to dream about while reading.

I guess now you have a picture abut it. This book will first take us to the airport where our main character Hadley has to fly over Atlantic to get to London and attend her father's wedding. She is still angry on him cause he left her mother and her to go and enjoy with his new girlfriend in London. Things became even worse for her when she missed her flight and now she must wait four hours. Oliver is a guy, obviously, and he also travels to London but his story is different. He is British and studies in the USA but because of some family things he must go home and be with them. Who would say that eight hours can change your life and soon enough one of the worst days in your life can become the best one.

This is the story about teen love and about growing up. Hadley has to see that her problem won't lead to the end of the world and that there are other people who have bigger problems on their back. This is a story about letting go and realizing that today is what matters.

This is also the story that I enjoyed in.