Guitar Notes - Mary Amato Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I'm weak! But before I tell you why I should start from beginning. Ha! Nope I'm not teasing. Beginning meaning the blurb cause I simply love it. I'm that one person who always complains how blurbs reveal to much but this one is perfect it has enough info to get you interested in the book but still doesn't tell you anything at the same time.

Now I'm coming to that me-weak part. Yeah I really am, cause it doesn't take much (for a book at least) to go under my skin. This is one of the examples how that works. This book is so sweet that I can't even explain it. It's so innocent but yet so mature and full of feelings. Maybe you'd say that the story is typical but you have no idea how wrong that is. I believe a lot of kids or teens can relate to this book, if you can the give this book to your parents. If you're still waiting for me to tell you more about the story, you're at the wrong place my friend cause this is something you have to live through yourself. Oh and I won't even get started about how much I cried.

One more thing is when you read this (or those who have) head over to Thrum Society and you know why. At the end it doesn't matter that I'm becoming too old for this type of the story, I still have to feed this kiddo/teen that'll always be part of me.

And yes...