ReAwakened (Angel Creek, #2) - Ada Adams Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

A month or so ago I've read the first book in this series Revamped and from my review you could see that this series was really funny. I liked the Revamped mostly cause it was the first time to see clumsy vampires. I was really happy when I got invited to be part of this tour.

If you remember from the Revamped Dawn is our protagonist. She is a daughter of a vampire president and soon enough she has been sent to the mission. Mission means she has to guard a town and train vampires in that town to become guards. She travels to Angel Creek where she meets our clumsy gang. After a lot ups and downs her life becomes totally different. She has to face with her own family and with her past. In this sequel Dawn is back to the Angel Creek. She is now left alone cause the person she had the most ties with died. Soon enough she discovers something strange about her and with all that something strange is happening in the vampire world. After she discovers some things her life won't be the same again.

I love it cause here story continues where it stopped in Revamped. I wasn't such a big fan of Dawn in the first book and also I liked our clumsy gang. It's pretty much the same in this book. Only thing is that I sometimes have too much understanding for characters. I couldn't blame Down for being such an idiot and selfish sometimes cause she grow up and was trained to take care of herself. I couldn't expect her to suddenly become a little princess in need for help. Still that doesn't mean that I like her. Other parts of the story were good and all in all this book was really good and readable. Maybe if there is next book in this series I'll like her more.