There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

This is one of these books that took me too long to read and Zemira told me that this was a must-read. Finally I got some time and read this book. As expected I was too stupid for not reading it right away.

For starters this story took place in Ireland. I haven't read a lot of books that were placed there. It's always USA or UK so yeah the change of setting was nice. But There You'll Find Me is a story about Finley who is searching for something. After her brother died she found his travel diary. She went to the Ireland cause in his diary he said that was the place he had felt the closest to God. Finley also has another thing to finish - her music piece. She must get ready and finish the piece for the audition. Only her problems started when she couldn't find the inspiration aka God. That's the reason for Finley to start to break down. Would she find the inspiration and finish the piece on time. Everything got more complicated when Beckett seemed to poop up on unexpected places.

As expected this book was great. I really liked Finely as a character and I must admit Beckett too. He was so funny and some of their scenes were really great. I liked the style and the story too. So all in all this was a nice summer read.