If I Lie - Corrine Jackson Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Please let me say this once more - oh you sweet little books. I mean I really like these. They're perfect for reading before you go to sleep or when you want to just shut the world around you. If I Lie did all that.

For starters I was really surprised when I saw that this was a debut novel, cause by writing I though well this woman has a lot of stories behind her. I was wrong as usual, kidding, but really I was surprised. So we're in the small town in which most of the young boys go to the army. Quinn's boyfriend is one of them. He has gone to the Afghanistan and Quinn should wait for her darling to come back. But once she did something unforgivable. She cheated on her boyfriend and she has been caught. Because Sometimes a moment defines you, defines how people see you for the rest of your life. Now Quinn must fix everything. Which is a hard thing to do considering that she knows something about Carey no one knows. Things get even worse when Carey goes MIA. Now Quinn is torn between explaining herself or keeping the promise.

I honestly have seen some reviews for this book and they weren't so great. I truly understand that but there is a thing - I'm sucker for these sweet little stories. Yeah me reviewing books is not always great thing cause it doesn't take much for me to like the book. So if you are like me then you'll pick up this book, if not then suit yourself.