A Shimmer of Angels - Lisa M. Basso Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

It's been a while since I've read some good book about angels. It's a shame cause I really love those creatures but somehow the books about angels tend to disappoint. So I'm really happy to say that this one was good, really good.

This is a story about Rayna the girl who sees angels. Of course no one believes her and there for she spends some time in institution. Now she is out and she believes it's the end of her craziness. She decides to start again with the new school and job were no one will point a finger in her and laugh. For most she is happy for herself and her family cause they all need a new start. Angels don't exist in theory and she knows that, but unfortunately being gifted or we may say cursed can't be cured so easily. When she sees another angel in her class, no less all old fears are coming back to her. She doesn't believe in them and she tries too hard not to lose it but eventually she does. Now she is in the middle of something she couldn't dream of.

I really must say that Rayna was one of these rare girls in paranormal novels that earned my respect by acting, well normally. Usually when girls discover that the guy is some sort of paranormal creature they fall in love and drool all over them. Rayna is different she runs and doesn't want to believe in it. She's been told that she is crazy and it doesn't matter that she knows that those aren't hallucinations she doesn't want to accept it. So she is acting logically. There are other things in this book that I liked but as they haven't been mention in summary I'm going to leave them so you can discover them by yourselves.

***Note: This book was kindly provided by publisher, Month9Books, via NetGalley. Thank you!
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