Wonder - R.J. Palacio Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Few days ago I put the quotes from this book as my Quote of the Week and a lot of my friends here told me how they wanted to read the book. I was like...wait a minute I haven't even told you how lovely and heart-breaking this book is. So be ready to hear all about the greatness called - Wonder!

From the blurb you can see the story. We here have a story about August who well has a facial deformity and for that he has been noticed and looked at wherever he goes. Of course he knows that people are scared of him so he tries to spend a lot of time alone with his family. The things change when he starts going to the school. You can imagine how it is for a kid like him to enter the class full of "normal" kids for the first time in his life. Of course he is noticed not just by the kids but also by the teachers. He tries to cope with all that but at the end of the day he is just little scared kid who is too young to goes through all this.

I should point out few things about this book. Firstly there are multiple POVs in this book. But don't give up on this book in case you don't like them, cause here it's done perfectly. You see the world through August's eyes and also you see how the world sees him through other characters. Another thing is prepare your heart cause some of the thing here will break it. Even thinking about this book makes me wanna cry. Don't run away if you don't want to experience that, cause everyone should read this book. A lot of people tend to judge others by their look, appearance or what not. But have you ever though how much that hurts. Cause you can't be strong enough to survive that without a scratch especially if you're just a kid.

But you wanna know what's the most interesting thing about this book - while reading it and after that I still imagine August as a little lovely kid. With beautiful eyes and adorable smile. Even though the books starts with I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse. I have met the August's personality and what a brave, shiny and beautiful character is he. You have no idea.

Of course there is the five stars for this book but quite honestly my views of the world and my thoughts have changed and there is not enough stars to give for that. So thank you (Wendy especially to you and your review)!