The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Remember the days when the vampires were the creatures of the dark, literary. They couldn't walk in the sun and were the greatest predators. I honestly don't. I'm the "product" of the Twilight era so Buffy and the things "before" weren't part of my growing up. If you do remember then you're lucky. But so am I now, cause this book has the real vampires. But let's go from the start.

The Hallowed Ones will probably draw your attention immediately cause where can you find a book with vampires and dystopia plus Amish people. Katie is living an Amish life and therefore she can't wait for Rumspringa to go and see the world. She made plans with her best friend and there is only few weeks left but that's long enough for "Outside" to collapse. Strange things start to happen with the "Outside" but still Amish life continues because they aren't affected. They soon find a young man who is deadly injured on their gates but elders make a rule and forbid the people to go outside and they close the gates for all the people from outside. Only Katie is not the one who can watch him die and do nothing. She breaks the rule, the first of many.

If you like me though that all those elements can't work together in a book well you're wrong, as was I. It's magical how Laura puts all the thighs together and writes a damn good story. I was dragged into this world immediately and honestly I really enjoyed. I'm happy to see that this book will get its sequel so I'll be waiting for this awesomeness to continue.