Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Let's start with saying that if you didn't like Anna and the French Kiss you probably wouldn't like this one either. It's just that this book is sweet and lovely. Stephanie has her way of writing and it's easy to follow.

While I really liked Anna, I must add that Lola is my new favourite and while Cricket is a nice guy St. Clair is still in my thoughts. Yeah I know, I shouldn't compare them but still. So about the story. Lola is the girls with unusual style, she has her own view of fashion and she's not afraid to show it. While growing up with two fathers she spends most of her time with her friend and boyfriend. But all this time she is trying to forget the family next door - Bell family. Yes like Alexander Graham Bell. But unfortunately, or luckily for her they're back next door. Now she has to face with twins. Cricket the boy who was her first love and Calliope the girl who once was her best friend but then things changed. Now she must balance between her feelings for her boyfriend and the boy next door. Also she must discover what her real feelings are.

Yes this is the book that will make you laugh, cry and have that "awww" moment at the right parts. Only I can say negative thing is that the story is predictable. But at some point you forget about it and just enjoy the story. I even though about giving it 4 starts but then Cricket's story about the moon and stars...awww!