The Cadet of Tildor - Alex Lidell Review is also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I've said it once but I believe that winter is perfect time for reading fantasy. At least it is for me. I love fantasy but I must admit I could enjoy it better when I was younger. Still there are books that surprise me.

Cadet of Tildor is the book I couldn't wait to read. I requested it the same day it was up on the NetGalley and I've read it slowly so I could enjoy it. To tell you more about the book. Tildor has a new king and that's the opportunity for all criminals and people to attack the kingdom cause the king is very young. But there are people ready to stop that. They are students of Academy of Tildor. It's a school for elite soldiers and it's mostly school for boys. Only Renee de Winter has a goal. She wants to become one of the soldiers. It won't be easy for her for maintain in a male world. Especially when her mentor thinks that that's not a job for her. He couldn't even dream what would happen and how their life would get so complicated.

It took me some time to get into this story cause the beginning was slower. Later I realized that there is a point in that. To understand Renee we first had to understand her relationship with her father. At the end you get a book full of action and fantasy, but also emotions. My rating is 4.5 stars but as I don't have half starts.