Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

To say that I became addicted to JLA's books would be an understatement. Even though Covenant will always be my fave one, after Onyx this series got my full attention. I don't say that Opal wasn't good, it was but Obsidian and Onyx are still better.

In Opal the life goes on. After the turbulence in Onyx Katy has changed. Not only physically but mentally cause she went through many things and now it's time to do something about that. Daemon is well Daemon. I won't worship him now cause he's already full of himself. Not that it doesn't look good on him, but still. Dawson is the good guy here. I liked Shadows a lot and I couldn't wait to get to see him again. He has changed, because everything that happened in the past. But he isn't aware that there is still hope. He founds in and they together to help someone very important to them. At the other side Katy starts doing things on her own which will get them more trouble. She has a lot on her mind. She wants to help her mum and to get her friends back and sometimes all that is too much for her. Especially when someone they thought was long loge came back.

I've already said I still love the way the JLA writes and that won't change. She somehow managed to put emotions in the story and you can feel them all. Only problem in this book for me was Katy. Sometimes she was too much and she went too far. I can understand that but still I don't agree with it. All in all I can't wait for Origin to come out.