Vain - Fisher Amelie Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Do you know what made me read this book - trailer. Yes the trailer for the book (and I also love Callum and Harper and yes the blurb), but still after seeing the trailer I wanted this and trust me that happens once in like million years. So after I became the part of this tour and received the book the story started. I honestly expected it to be sweet and lovely read with some moments that will have me crying but this...boy was I wrong?!

Sophie is a girl, teenage girl, whose parents are too much into everything - themselves, jobs, other people but her daughter. That's why she is acting the way she does. Parties, drinking, boys and drugs. You'd say typical, but not quite. She is young and she only wants attention. Once when it all goes too far and she ends in jail. Then she is sent to the place where her life changes. It's not unusual to read about people whose life has changed after they had to help others, in this case children, but here it's taken to another level. It's beautiful, amazing how the author gets you into the story and makes you love Sophia so much. I honestly hated her cause she was a bitch - to use her words, but after surviving everything with her and reading this story I want her as my friend. Not to mention other characters in the book, they all make it seem more real.

At the end I want to thank whoever made this trailer, cause it created one picture in my head and later I discovered that there was a lot more. Also I'll be more than happy to read any book that Fisher Amelie ever writes.