Thomas & January - Fisher Amelie Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Few months ago I've read Callum and Harper aka the first book in this series and I adored it. It was so heartbreaking and I couldn't stop reading it. I've realized that I have some thing for books that deal with people form dysfunctional families and hard lives. So I was so excited to read this one.

Thomas and January was a really interesting book. We have Thomas who is a guy with huge circle of friends and works in music industry but at the same time he looks so inaccessible. He always wears black and because of his height he sometimes seems scary. At the other side we have January with a huge family and she is the eldest. Yes, other members of her family have names by months in a year. She was always drawn to music and listening to new bands but unfortunately she couldn't do that for living. Well at least not until she met the Thomas. Soon enough Thomas' boss hires her and she has to work together with Thomas as a team. Not an easy task considering the circumstances - let's just say that their meeting wasn't the best in the world.

As much as I enjoyed this story I couldn't say it blow me away. January wasn't the girl I could easily get and relate to. She does some contradictory things. I was afraid that other Fisher's book would be like this one, but luckily Vain put the things on the right track. All in all this was one easy and enjoyable read but nothing more than that.