Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee BY AN ANGEL, WHAT DID I JUST READ!


My heart skipped few (not just few trust me!!) beats!

Yes, I know that I sound like some crazy little girl, but this is a masterpiece!

There is no need to explain everything that I lik in this book. It's pretty much every-single-thing. From the characters to the story. How not to be excited when this book has it all. I mean:
1. It has different plot from the other book I've ever read.
2. Main characters are just wow. Penryn is one of those kick-ass female characters that you must love. Go girl! I won't say a word about Raffe, he is form Haven after all!
3. There is action and there is love.
4. Also bad guys will blow your mind.
5. Relations between all characters.
6. The end that will make you to think about this book all the time.

Everything will make you forget about the your own word and start to live in this one.
And if somebody wants to talk to you while you're reading this you'll be like:

Paranormal is my favourite genre but dystopia and paranormal in one book is just what I like the most!