Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Few weeks ago you had a chance to read Glass' review for this book. We both wanted to read it every since and now we finally got to it. The bottom line is - we both love it. Like she said I as well think that everyone should read this book.

To list you all the things I liked in this story...well it'd take some time, that's why I'm sure I'll forget something. I apologize in advance. But really this book is probably everything I like in book. It has a wonderful story and witty characters, it deals with some serious problems but also it's not predictable. You have no idea how shocked I was after I realized everything.

Julie is new student, meaning she is about to start her college adventure. If the morning shows how the day will be then Julie should sleep the first day off. She came all the way to Boston just to attend the college. She is alone in the new city and when she arrives at her destination she discovers that she doesn't have a place to live. Luckily she has a great mother who pulls things off and soon she meets Watkins. The family who will change her life. She moves in with them and meets their lives. From the inside you see the typical family. Mother and father who are working hard with three children. Brilliant Matthew, or Matty, little Celeste and the brother Finn who is currently traveling around the world. But she soon discovers some things that will make her think. Without knowing they'll change her life.

So I believe you should find some time in you schedule and throw this book in cause maybe or probably you'll forget all other appointments for that day. Who can blame you?