A Shade of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest Review posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Unfortunately I must admit that I've neglected the vampires lately. Well mostly stories started to look all the same and that annoys me. It happened with contemporary and other genres. Only fantasy is still there to keep my imagination alive. But still that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy nice vampire story.

But I found myself in the vampire world once again. The story starts with Sofia, the girl who is still between all the crossroads in life and when the one person disappoints her - it hurts a lot. But when the things couldn't get any worse she got kidnapped. Soon she finds herself captivated in the dark place, really dark. So dark that it haven't seen the sun in centuries Her kidnapper is member of Novak family. That family is the eldest vampire family in the world. Now the time has come and their prince who has been sleeping for years is awake. Derek has to "catch up" with the world and at the same time battle with his needs, feelings, family... Sofia is there to help him, but some things even he can't control.

This book I've got from the author for review. Thank you Bella. Honestly I had no expectations as such, which is a good thing, because I found myself enjoying this story a lot. It was a fast and really interesting read. I must admit that now I'm really curious about the rest of the story. I want to meet Sofia better as well as the world she discovered. Then there is Drake, who is I must say is an interesting character.