Just One Day - Gayle Forman Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

We all know Gayle Forman, right. The lady who captivated us with a story about Mia and Adam in If I Stay series. Honestly that was the main reason why I wanted this book so badly. Luckily all the waiting payed off, cause Miss Forman really knows how to write a story.

Allyson (later known as LuLu) is a girl with a perfect graduation gift. She has got a possibility to travel around Europe with her best friend during the summer. Only problem with traveling is that you sometimes expect too much. Not that Allyson haven't seen all the magic of European cities still the journey is not how she expected it to be. Not until the very end of it, or what she thought would be the end. In London she meets Willem who takes her to Paris - the city she mostly looked forward to. For the first time she is able to enjoy the city on her own terms. No more crazy teenagers who are there to get drunk and do stupid things. At the end it's not maybe the journey it's the company what matters the most. She discovers the beauty of Paris and something more. Something that will change her forever.

It's fascinating, at least for me, how I could enjoy this story without finding some connections with LuLu. She is not me and dunno...I just couldn't connect with her, but still the story kept me awake at night. That's the magic of the writing. I really love the way this story is written. As for the cliffhanger - I won't forget you this Miss Forman.