Elixir - Jennifer L. Armentrout Aiden's novella!!
Deity is cool but this one will be awesome!!

update: It has a cover! It's awesome!!!

update2: Ah Aiden...what are you doing to me??

update3: review...sort of

I really love Jennifer for a lot of things, mostly for giving us those amazing books and being so easy to contact and the relationship she has with us her fans, and yet another reason is for giving us these novellas for free and plus writing it in Aiden's POV. I really cannot ask for more.

Being in Aiden's thoughts was special experience. It wasn't something new cause in other books you could clearly see what he felt. Still it was heart-breaking. Seeing him fight against everything, his love and himself, mostly the one he cannot live without was really touching.

I'm sure that all girls (and boys) from Team Aiden will be more than happy with this book. I don't rate these novellas but I love this one.