Inescapable - Amy A. Bartol Sometimes I'm really trying to understand people's ratings here but sometimes I just wonder if I'm crazy or did we read the same book. This is one of these books.

You can't imagine how enthusiastic I was when I started reading this. It seemed like one of these books that you can't make mistake with, high rating, really good reviews, everyone seemed hypnotized by it, and most of all it's about angles and I'm fascinated by them since...ever. I was wrong and you can't imagine how much.

I won't brag anymore but I can't get over it. I'm disappointed. Let me tell you about this story, there can be some small spoilers but I'll try to mark them (I don't promise anything):

1. At the beginning you'll met Evie, nice young girl who is freshman at college and you know how it goes. Then somebody, in this case Reed draws her attention. He's bad guy and most-beautiful-sexy-dangerous-attractive-addadjective(you can't make mistake)-guy on the planet. Okay, that's completely okay, the same start has like 90% of YA books, so I don't mind. What I mind is that form the moon you can see that he is an angel and of course she is nothing less special. She is an angel too, but of course she doesn't know that yet! .

2. Now let's move on with the story. There is also another guy (can you imagine that!). So he is you know, an athlete, nice and everything packed together. You already know that he is somehow connected with our girl Evie. You don't have to ask! He is nothing less than her soul-mate. You don't say??

3. Now when we sort out who is who, you can imagine the relations between them. Then the story gets to complicate or should I say Evie. She can't decide what she wants, loves one, cares for other. Can't leave any of them. She finds out what she is and she must take care of everything. So she continues to drag, drag, drag.

4. Now the things get more complicated. Somehow her life is in a danger, not only that her life is in a danger but also the lives of everyone she cares about. So she has to sacrifice herself and she does. At that point you start to hope finally she is gone, but of course that little "$@!# is alive That was it, the moment when I stopped hoping.

5. Now we go back to the point 3. This book ends there, still don't know what happens next. So you have to read (I mean you don't have to, but you've already lost your time on this so what else can you possibly lose) book 2.

You pretty much understand that I'm frustrated. I don't want to be mean, I'm just trying to explain my reasons. I really wanted to love this book, but well it wasn't meant to be.