The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta Well dear world,

there is only one Melina Marchetta!



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I have no idea why I'm still try to write reviews for Melina's books. Probably because I know there is few of you still left to read her books. This is me trying to make you do so but really my words can't describe the beauty of these books.

In case you don't know The Piper's Son is sort of continuing the story from Saving Francesca. You could see my review for the later and find some things about Francesca. But somehow I managed no to mention another character then - Thomas. The boy who is telling us his story in this book. Tomas Mackee is now a grown up boy who as the blurb says needs saving. Some things in the past are now stopping his family to be together and besides that he mast find his love again. Not that he has lost her, she's, well gone. It takes a lot of courage to find balance in life and fight for things he cares the most.

Some things never change with Melina - one of them is her writing. She manages to tell you some, we could say every-day stories and makes them special. Then there are her characters who are always so close to you and so lovable. I still haven't and I highly doubt I ever will read a story written by Melina that won't make me cry. Somehow I don't even want to.