Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Few weeks ago I reviewed A Song For Julia and I told you then that I'd be reading this one soon too. As you can see the time has come. Once more I want to thank the author and AToMR book tours for giving me a copy of this book for review.

We met Julia - on of the Thompson's girls in A Song for Julia and now it's time to meet Alex and hear her story. Like I said last time growing up this family is not the easiest thing to do. Maybe it was the hardest for Julia but Alex and other sisters also had to deal with lots of things. Besides her family Alex has another thing to worry about. She broke up with her boyfriend and at the time he was in Afghanistan in army. She did something she regrets but some things can't be fixed. She went on with her life. Started college and was free. Her family is not there to stop her and she could enjoy the college life. Everything started great until one day she met him again - the boy who broke her heart. Dylan was back and the war left trace on him. His leg was injured and he wasn't the same. Dylan wanted a new start too. He came back from the war and decided it was time to get a college degree and make something out of his life. He and Alex must learn how to work together and plus he needs to deal with PSTD as well. Things are never easy.

Like A Song for Julia I enjoyed this story too. It was easy to read with double POV. Not much things changed. Well except the story. Still Julia's story left better impression on me.