The Beholder (The Beholder, #1) - Ivan Amberlake Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I have some sort of rule - like whenever some of my girls from Goodreads recommends a book to me I'll read it. No questions asked. Same is with this book. So thanks Becca for recommending it to me.

The Beholder might me a strange and interesting read to most of you. It deals with sort of different type of power. I got used to most of paranormal things so when I see something new I'm always happy to read it. The story here is that there are two worlds - Light and Darkness and we're in the middle of events here. Sooner or later the two worlds will clash and that can cause a lot of damage. Everything started with a dreams - weird dreams and then Jason found out some things he couldn't dream of. People went missing more than usual and Emily is there to try to stop or end things. They need to go through some serious battles.

Like I said I really liked to see something original in this book. Maybe the idea of darkness and light is not so unique but the author created a good story out of it. Another thing I like is many things here are unpredictable. The story changes course suddenly and I liked the dynamics. For the things I didn't like - there should be some sort of background. I still miss a big part of Jason's and everybody else's life. It's hard to connect with the character when you don't really know who he/she is. Also the whole idea of this story should have some background. I know that some things will be explained in the sequel but I miss them here.

All in all I enjoyed reading this.
Rating: 3.5 stars.