The Trouble with Fate - Leigh Evans Holly!! I got the copy of this book from the publisher!
Pan Macmillan you're awesome!

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I should start with the fact that I wasn't such a big fan of Urban Fantasy. I had some really bad experiences with one series and decided to put that genre aside. Boy I really missed a lot. So don't be surprised as you'll be seeing plenty of UF reviews here. I've discovered a fan withing myself.

The Trouble With Fate was that book that started awakening that side of me. Some other books opened my eyes completely but this one started all that. When I've gotten this book from the published I expected it to be more paranormal. Even though the differences between the two are still a bit unfamiliar with me. So this is as the text below the title says about a girl that's half fae and all the trouble. That's true. Hedi our main character in this book is all that. She has a really tough past which she carries around. She tries to fight it but let's be real you can't get away from it. She still has her fae amulet if nothing else to reminds her of what she is. She's been hiding all this time but suddenly things started to change. She sees someone from her past and their paths will cross again. She must stop fighting a big part of her. Not the fae one but the other one.

This book turned out to be something really got. The beginning of the book got me confused and it took me some time to get through the start and get used to the writing and the story. But to say that I enjoyed the second part of the story would be an understatement. Suddenly I was so caught in the story and it was over. For now at least. I'm dying to read the sequel and to get more of this.